January 20, 2019

2019 Growers' Short Course and Trade Show Registration

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Note: We periodically send information to participants by e-mail. By registering with the LMHIA Short Course, you agree to allow your e-mail address to become part of our lists for receiving LMHIA information. Please be assured that we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT sell our e-mail lists to any person, organization or company.


  • Membership includes Short Course registration and 3-day entry pass to the Pacific Agriculture Show
  • Limited lunch tickets are available.
  • All fees in Canadian dollars.
  • GST is included in all prices. LMHIA GST # R107646457
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Production Guides are available on line at http://productionguide.agrifoodbc.ca

The Proceedings will be in PDF format only, and are free of charge.

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